Club Meeting Notes 5/16

got science fair prizes = need to distribute Google field trip CS CAHSI Advocate in Fall 2024 Data Science Ambassadors for two years, starting Summer 2024 CAHSI GMiS Schlolarship for November conference in Fort Worth Texas CAHSI REUs in Fall 2024 Officers for next year – do we stay part of ASMC? Google Scholarship … [Read more…]

Club Meeting notes

5/2/2024 Meeting notes filled out ASMC form for the science fair prizes – voted yea that we Posters to promote Computer Science, make it in canva or any other tool

4/18/24 Meeting notes

ASMC = tabled our asking for funds for the science fair until next Monday, 4/22, AGIT 130, 9am Stan State = 3d printing lab, 1-2pm FAB LAB FACTs Internship =

Club Meeting 9/28

ASMC updates –> Getting paperwork in Battery Challenge  = Thomas Kellogg, a 4th-year student from University of California, Merced. His lab team, under Dr. Ricardo de Castro, wants to partner with Merced College as part of the Battery Workforce Challenge, an EV challenge being run through the DoE and Stellantis. Contact Thomas for more questions: … [Read more…]

Club Meeting, 9/7

Announce new officers Pres: Lukas Hammet VP: Rosio Rodriguez Secretary: Jacob Robles Treasurer: David Reyes Fund raising chair and public: Gabriel Sanchez ASMC Rep: Gonzo ASMC updates Monday @ 9, room 139 student union – next to cafeteria Try to set up a table for Club Rush – need fliers and list for student to … [Read more…]


First club meeting of the year, in IAC 139, pizza provided.  Role: Ismael Higareda, Jacob Robles, Lisa Miao Agenda: Sign up for GMiS CAHSI Scholarship: all students who will be attending GMiS to complete the CAHSI-GMiS Travel Scholarship Registration form. The deadline to submit the CAHSI registration form is September 1, 2023  conference is October 10-14 Advocate … [Read more…]

Meeting 5/5/23

update on donation –> Bay Valley Tech $500 donation Alisson asking ASMC for $500 donation – Alisson made a ppt for us to ask for this debugging the mercedsciencefair website adding an About us page –> send a pic of yourself to Alisson Kanban board – Alisson adding so everyone knows whos working on what … [Read more…]

Meeting 1/27/23

Meet this week on Friday at 4:30pm in IAC 139 for our club meeting Agenda: Like to be an officer in the club please email and let know what position: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer – Bylaws and Constitution ASMC meeting – ask for funds to go to GDC, happening March 24th, we will go on … [Read more…]

Meeting Agenda, 8/26/22

This will be our first meeting for the Fall 2022 semester! We will meet at 3-4pm on Friday, August 26th.  Meeting will be in-person (in AHC-139) and online via zoom(sign up on our form to get the zoom link). Snacks will be provided. Intros: Our club, who we are and who/what CAHSI is. Joining … [Read more…]