Club Meeting notes

5/2/2024 Meeting notes filled out ASMC form for the science fair prizes – voted yea that we Posters to promote Computer Science, make it in canva or any other tool

3/7/24 Club Meeting

CS CAHSI Club meeting 3/7/24. 11-12pm, IAC 124, 10 students, 2 advisors in attendance – see attendance sheet ASMC updates – asked to be on the agenda to ask for science fair prize donation Science Fair update – website made, fliers made and printed, distribute, letter for donation updated, send to high schools – chowchilla … [Read more…]

Club Meeting 12/7

ASMC – last meeting on Monday, next meeting Jan 22nd – be more interactive with other clubs in social events No logo on the MC website Met, and went over opportunities, and applied to them Meeting Spring Thursdays at 12pm -> IAC 139 next semester working on: **exploreCSR** **CS4Me Day** **Science Fair**    

Club Meeting 10/5/23

ASMC Update: G. Joe Munguia went to meeting and reported, Oct 18 10-12pm club have a chance to fund raise: professional headshots, paintings, fund raise request form –> need to fill out, if cooking something, has to be done in cafeteria, if need table and chairs send email to Raul, no raffle (but can have … [Read more…]

Club Meeting, 8/24

ASMC = new club = vote for officers = Choose officers for this year  = be a club officer –> our constitution and bylaws Go to the ASMC meetings =Monday’s @ 9:00 am. Please check the ASMC Canvas page. We will be meeting in Student Union 137, Leo volunteered. email me: what position you would … [Read more…]

Meeting notes 3/24

Hogan is the advisor for this meeting, as Kanemoto is a the Streamlining Pathways meeting. update on donation picking prizes for the fair, spreadsheet is made and shared. Alisson asking ASMC for $500 donation, and donation from Bay Valley Tech to offset prize costs Voted and approved the list of prizes for this years fair, … [Read more…]

Meeting 2/24/23

in iac139, 3-4pm CAHSI AGENDA 2/24/23 INTRO PART OF MEETING ( max 10 min discussion) Briefly discuss election results President – Marco Gallegos Vice President –  Mulero Alamou Secretary – Stefin Racho Treasurer – Dalia Flores GDC conference Who still wants to go ? More information to come Em tea fundraiser coming soon Stay after … [Read more…]

Meeting 2/10/2023

Agenda 2/10/2023    Elections and positions Rush Week Raffle of smart cutebox, new members who attend minimum 2 meetings will be entered into raffle to win  Fundraising We need to talk about ways of making money Possible fundraisers with restaurants nearby ? Em tea ? Maybe selling food items in the quad ? Ask for … [Read more…]

Meeting 2/3/2023

ASMC club rush 2/8, 10-2pm – Alisson will make spreadsheet to sign up for times to help with the RUSH table Brandon Leake – presentation: can meet him after RUSH Follett forum – want to hear about your opinion on this program Deadline for MS internship is coming up this weekend. Directions for Alissons ReactJS … [Read more…]