3/7/24 Club Meeting

CS CAHSI Club meeting 3/7/24. 11-12pm, IAC 124, 10 students, 2 advisors in attendance – see attendance sheet ASMC updates – asked to be on the agenda to ask for science fair prize donation Science Fair update – website made, fliers made and printed, distribute, letter for donation updated, send to high schools – chowchilla … [Read more…]

Meeting 1/20/2023

Welcome back to Spring 2022! We are going to meet this week on Friday at 12pm in IAC 139 for our club meeting (this week we will have it at 12pm, and in future weeks we can schedule it for later in the day) Agenda: Like to be an officer in the club please email … [Read more…]

Club Meeting 3/16

ASMC meeting updates 5 new clubs – including Alliance for Students with Disabilities Club = ASDC March 21st state of the college address for open dialogue –  lunch for free but have stay Scholarships: https://mccd.awardspring.com/Home/Scholarships CS CAHSI Club Science Fair – April 29th Alisson Flier – kanemoto.k@mccd.edu for more info, Merced College main campus, current … [Read more…]

Meeting 1/28/19

If you want to go to the GDC field trip on Friday March 22nd we are filling out permission slips by Monday, 2/4 Help in planning the Science Fair  for this year is needed.  It will be held on Friday, April 5th. Here is a link to last year’s fair recap: http://stem4me.com/science-fair-2018/ Hackathons are also being … [Read more…]

Meeting 5/9

Our drone demonstration is a go and is happening this Friday, May 12th, 9am-12pm on Athletic Field 1.  Here is a link to a flyer for this event: http://stem4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/DroneDemonstrationFlyer.pdf A drone competition going on at Yosemite High School on Saturday, May 20th.  Here is more info: http://ryanjcollings.wixsite.com/yhs-faar

Meeting Notes 11/2

Discussed the fundraiser that we put together last Wednesday and Thursday – October 26th and 27th.  It was a hamburger fundraiser – getting a burger, chips, cookie and drink for $7.  We earned over $400 from this. Went over our account and how much funds we have – Kanemoto is still getting an exact figure … [Read more…]

Field Trip to Fresno DevCon

We are going to the Valley DevFest, buy your ticket, it is only $6.12 – check it out: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/valley-devfest-2016-tickets-27337601502?aff=ehomecard It is Saturday, October 22nd in Fresno at Bitwise Stadium.  We are meeting at the college in front of the Vocational Building at 7:20 (leaving by 7:30).  Bring your own snacks, lunch is provided there.  We will … [Read more…]