3/7/24 Club Meeting

CS CAHSI Club meeting 3/7/24. 11-12pm, IAC 124, 10 students, 2 advisors in attendance – see attendance sheet ASMC updates – asked to be on the agenda to ask for science fair prize donation Science Fair update – website made, fliers made and printed, distribute, letter for donation updated, send to high schools – chowchilla … [Read more…]

Career and College Day

The club did a great job representing and presenting the Computer Science pathways.  They had a food table selling pizza, candy, chips, and drinks. We had the drones out, and let students                           Fliers on the table were:  

Club Meeting 3/16

ASMC meeting updates 5 new clubs – including Alliance for Students with Disabilities Club = ASDC March 21st state of the college address for open dialogue –  lunch for free but have stay Scholarships: https://mccd.awardspring.com/Home/Scholarships CS CAHSI Club Science Fair – April 29th Alisson Flier – kanemoto.k@mccd.edu for more info, Merced College main campus, current … [Read more…]

Club Meeting 10/1/21, 2-3pm

Zoom link: https://MercedCCD.zoom.us/j/94864794333 ASMC updates officers voting and paperwork turned in; President, vice president, secretary and treasure. Bylaws and constitution NEW OFFICERS ARE VOTED IN AND WILL BE ANNOUNCED We are the Computer Science CAHSI Club ask ASMC about buying raffle wheel and other club give always – did anyone do this yet? ask ASMC … [Read more…]

Club Meeting 9/3/2021

Welcome to CS Club meeting, here is the agenda for todays meeting: ASMC meetings are on Monday’s in SU 137 at 9:00 am and for anyone at the LB Campus Building A 138 – it is in person, but if you go you can request it be via zoom  9/11 car show – we can … [Read more…]

Science Fair – 04/23/2021

Happy Science Fair Day and Let Celebrate Together with joy and fun! update from ASMC – Socheata ASMC is hosting a Student Fee Increase Forum from 5-7 pm via zoom on April 22 (link on your student portal) Science Fair, Friday, April 23rd, 10:30 am -12:00 pm Sign in and information: http://stem4me.com/science-fair-2021/ GMiS scholarship link: http://www.greatmindsinstem.org/scholarships/scholarshipappinfo

Club meeting – 04/16/2021

Here is the agenda for our club: update from ASMC By law: Student Organization They are still talking about the issue of difficulty finding members to meet the policy (requirement of 10 active members) discussing the ASMC spending ASMC: willing to pay for the clubs to travel to the events (with the available amount of … [Read more…]

Club Meeting 04/02/2021

Here is the agenda for our club: update from ASMC – Socheata and Stephen Good news: At the ASMC meeting, all the chairs and clubs voted to fund the prize for Computer Science Fair for $600.  except for the high school students. We had emailed to make the flyer to post the MCCD portal and … [Read more…]

Club Meeting 3/26/2021

Here is the agenda for our club: update from ASMC – Socheata discussing the Bylaw of the ASMC Student Organizations a roster showing a min of 4 executive members & 6 perspective members currently enrolled. Holding current ASMC membership. full-time faculty or administrator, classified, faculty, or administrative employee (full or part-time) who has agreed to … [Read more…]

Club Meeting 3/19/2021

Here is the agenda for our club: update from ASMC – Socheata and Stephen voting to buy an ASMC App that benefits students (discount on food or buy certain food free something on local and other stores) not official yet because need to take to the election Note: Will raise student service fee approximately between … [Read more…]