Club Meeting 10/5/23

ASMC Update: G. Joe Munguia went to meeting and reported, Oct 18 10-12pm club have a chance to fund raise:

  • professional headshots,
  • paintings, fund raise request form –> need to fill out,
  • if cooking something, has to be done in cafeteria,
  • if need table and chairs send email to Raul, no raffle (but can have a give-away),
  • if selling anything we get cashbox from ASMC, CASH ONLY
  • for pics need form,
  • need to list members who came – template in canvas,
  • if we need room need contact EMS (just ask Kanemoto),
  • Agreed on Costco pizza, cookies, and drinks; 3 pizzas, Savemart get 3, 12 packs sprite, dr ppr, gatorade, water
  • Flier – have what the funds go towards – All proceeds go towards club recruitment and activities
    • Flier for fundraising – send for approval and forward it to us
    • QR code to the discord or the club page
  • Rosie has sign up sheet covered for the event

Donate $1200 for club material fund

Next Thursday, Kanemoto not here (at GMiS), Hogan will be here

Nov 4th, 10-1pm, Drone Safety Day UCM