Meeting 2/24/23

in iac139, 3-4pm


INTRO PART OF MEETING ( max 10 min discussion)

  1. Briefly discuss election results
    1. President – Marco Gallegos
    2. Vice President –¬† Mulero Alamou
    3. Secretary – Stefin Racho
    4. Treasurer – Dalia Flores
  2. GDC conference Who still wants to go ?
    1. More information to come
  3. Em tea fundraiser coming soon
    1. Stay after club meeting if you want to help us discuss dates
  4. Science fair date 4/28
    1. Stay after workshop if you would like to discuss


HackMerced – March 3rd evening – March 5th afternoon

CS4Me Day – April 15th –

2022 CS4Me



  1. React Workshop
    1. Deploying ReactJS !
  2. LeetCode 
    1. Solve TWOSUM problem if we have time


Busines portion of Meeting:

  1. Establish a day and time for all officers to meet up, discuss future plans and club business
  2. Fundraisers coming up,
    1. Em tea, I would like to establish 3 different dates as backups.
    2. Selling of stickers,, date is needed so we can present info at ASMC meeting
    3. GDC money situation as well as van and driving situation