Meeting 2/10/2023




  1.  Elections and positions
  2. Rush Week
    1. Raffle of smart cutebox, new members who attend minimum 2 meetings will be entered into raffle to win 
  3. Fundraising
    1. We need to talk about ways of making money
    2. Possible fundraisers with restaurants nearby ? Em tea ? Maybe selling food items in the quad ?
    3. Ask for ideas
    4. Fundraising committee – find meeting time – work on making shirts / stickers / and website to sell them – can add to this website that we own: paste website url
    5. Kanemoto finding how much money we have in our CAHSI CS Club account
    6. Website and merchandise – making subcommittees to accomplish these tasks, sending out a sign up sheet and doodle poll for these subcommittees
  4. Game Developers Conference – March 24th 7am – 7pm
    1. Something We’d like to attend this year
    2. Kanemoto to get permission form – but not send out until we find out how many vans / drivers we will have going
      1. How many people can fit in the van?
    3. And email GDC for the group prices
  5. Science Fair on a Friday on April 28th maybe at 9am-1:30pm 
    1. We provide prizes and help put it on 
    2. Drone race competition 
    3. Pizza?
    4. Activities – LED Card making, arduino table, paper airplane
    5. Kahoots for prices
    6. Giveaway
    7. Two tracks – STEM and Engineering 
    8. Subcommittee – eric and stefin to meed
    9. Marco to make flier and send out
  6. Joining Hackathons
    1. UC merced’s HackMerced – Takes place on March 
  7. How do we feel about doing more REACT Stuff ?
    1. MUI and deploy the website to GitHub
    2. Gallery of everyone’s websites/portfolios
  8. ASMC Meeting every monday @ 9 am
    1. Volunteers ? if people can make it, it assists us showing representation and can assist later in asking for funds
      1. Alisson
      2. Maybe Marco?
    2. Ask about the ability to sell stuff on our website
    3. Posting link on discord to the ASMC meeting: 


Meeting Notes

  • We did well during club rush
    • Alisson sent emails to the folks that signed up during club rush with the zoom link, and discord link
  • Fundraising
    • Emtea
      • Ask about how to do Fundraising at Em Tea ASAP
      • Marco will check on the emtea 
    • Websites?
      • Set a commission / donation price
    • Stickers?
    • 3D Printed items?
  • Check funds that we already have for club


  • For the club officer voting form, Alisson going to release it on discord, and we will close voting – Wednesday, 2/15/23. And finalize paperwork at the next club meeting.  Students going to email Kanemoto the student id for the paperwork. 
  • Club registration is DUE on The Last Thursday of Feb