Meeting 1/27/23

Meet this week on Friday at 4:30pm in IAC 139 for our club meeting


  • Like to be an officer in the club please email and let know what position: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer – Bylaws and Constitution
  • ASMC meeting –
    • ask for funds to go to GDC, happening March 24th, we will go on the Expo Student day Friday.
    • paperwork for ASMC
    • and go to their meetings at 9am on Mondays – Alisson, Marco, Stefin
  • Get ready for next week, Alisson will do a tutorial on ReactJS – look at the notes and get things installed before Friday
  • Buhach Colony HS outreach Girls Who Code Club – stefin and Alisson and Marco – kanemoto to cc them and email Thuy Alejandro – created cards out of circuit boards

Last week opportunities:

  • Microsoft Internship – New Technologists, Alisson Ross is our Ambassador
  • Color Stack, can get a mock interview for free, and resources like resume review
    • have resume book  – send resume and collect all the resume
  • Hack Merced
  • other items