Meeting 1/20/2023

Welcome back to Spring 2022! We are going to meet this week on Friday at 12pm in IAC 139 for our club meeting (this week we will have it at 12pm, and in future weeks we can schedule it for later in the day)


  • Like to be an officer in the club please email and let know what position: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer – Bylaws and Consitution
  • ASMC meeting – ask for funds to go to GDC, happening March 24th, we will go on the Expo Student day Friday.
    • paperwork for ASMC
    • and go to their meetings at 9am on Mondays
  • Microsoft Internship – New Technologists, Alisson Ross is our Ambassador
  • Color Stack, can get a mock interview for free, and resources like resume review
    • have resume book  – send resume and collect all the resume
  • Hack Merced
  • other items