Club meeting 3/30/22

ASMC updates = no updates

Vote on Science Fair Prizes – prizes approved and in the shared spreadsheet.  Schertz to make the shirts, and Professor Kanemoto to purchase the prizes.

Tomorrow, Thursday, 2-3pm in the gym will be experimenting with tellos and python

Oculus googles = Eric updating them and getting them to work

April 9th, Saturday = CS4Me Day – rented a van, meet at MC at 8:30 – coming back at 5pm

Career Day = April 13th, 10-1, – selling food Costco pizza, candy, chips, drinks


Apply to the GMiS Conference Scholarship

Figure out our new website name and login – update this to Alisson’s theme and pics

See about a CC for the oculus goggles

Order wheel, prizes and stickers