Club Meeting 3/19/2021

Here is the agenda for our club:

  • update from ASMC – Socheata and Stephen
      • voting to buy an ASMC App that benefits students (discount on food or buy certain food free something on local and other stores)
      • not official yet because need to take to the election
      • Note: Will raise student service fee approximately between $5 to $10
    • History club: discussion after the film on Wed March 17th at 7 pm
  • Update on our club webpage:
  • Outreach Update –
  • Science Fair, Friday, April 23rd, 10:30-12:00 – update and send out flier ASAP, put into ASMC agenda to ask for prizes, update stem4me website with info about fair
    • Stephen made the flyer (editing or feedback on the flyer)
    • send out the flyer on Friday
    • need a form to sign up – Alisson and professor Kanemoto made it
    • prize – amount to ASMC
    • what is the next step, we need to do?
  • Other items