ASMC Job Proposal

The ASMC has asked for student help in the following proposal:

ASMC would like to request the development of an official Merced College polling system, which would allow current students and faculty to express opinions through a mobile application and website. We hope to introduce this application as a means of determining the upcoming tobacco policy on campus. Please review the features and concepts below and provide as much insight as you are able. The system should :


Allow official polls to be posted by MCCD staff or ASMC officers, and allow those polls to be voted upon by students and faculty, the results of which are analyzed by the system and may influence school policies.


Streamline the election of ASMC Officers.


Allow unofficial poll questions to be created by faculty and students, then accumulate and display the results of user feedback.
Skilled students might be able to take part in development, for a grade, in lieu of typical coursework, if the task allows the students to demonstrate proficiency in required SLOs. For example, some of the top computer programming, networking, and electronics students might elect to take part in this project under the instruction of a MCCD adviser. This gives students hands-on experience which might be suitable for a resume, while reducing the labor costs of developing and implementing the system.


Enable Mobile access: Create a mobile app that students can download for free which would allow students to view propositions and cast votes


Perhaps we can try to use funds from the voluntary student representation to maintain the app. We may be able to propose a representation fee increase if expenses and public support warrant the measure..


Support Web access(Through MCCD Portal?)


Support SMS interface for verified phone numbers?(one registered phone number per mccd occupant??)


Implement measures to guard against fraudulent voting and hacking.( Sign official votes with a secret passphrase and/or student id #?)


Verify if users are currently enrolled or employed at MCCD, maybe by accessing portal registration data.


Utilize effective methods for determining winning policies… I suggest some form of “Range Voting”


Eventually,  I think it would be useful to have a complimentary MCCD Debate website where policies and candidates are proposed, advertised, discussed, and debated about by students and faculty. This debate site, as well as the polling site could eventually be adopted by more community colleges and linked to allow statewide dialog, debates, and polls.