Welcome to the Merced College Computer Science CAHSI Club website!

For the Spring 2024 semester we meet online via zoom:

      • Weekly on Thursday @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm in-person at IAC 143

Check the blog posts for the agenda and if we will be in-person on this blog.

Snacks are provided during the in-person club meetings and events, and lots of good company!

If you would like to attend, please fill out this form: google form to sign up

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 Here you can join the Discord server, and get the latest updates: https://discord.gg/9cW5Fq4McB
Save the DATES:

We can work on any of these projects:

  • Making a STEM website where people can get info about STEM and STEM at Merced College:  www.stem4me.com – note that this site is still under construction.
  • Going to the GMiS Conference in October 2023.
  • Putting together the Science Fair for 2023.
  • Hands-On projects such as ReactJS Workshops, hardware related activities, etc
  • Making good karma.  Here’s a look at some past pro bono work that student’s have done:  http://boonduck.com/GDC/about-us/
  • Fundraising
  • Going on virtual Field Trips and Hackathons

Our CS club is affiliated with CAHSI and is our CAHSI club here at Merced College.

Check out the cspwathways.us/news blog for current opportunities!!

For info about the club, or about UC Merced’s CAHSI club, please email Professor Kanemoto at kanemoto.k @mccd.edu

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