Web Development Classes Fall 2016 – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Java

These 4 non-credit classes will cover the basics, and advanced concepts, of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Java. We will discuss building web pages and web applications.  We will learn to build them “from scratch” and how to create them using tools to assist us to make them responsive, easy to edit, customizeable, and secure. Other topics that will be covered will be how to market your webpage and web application, and making new content.

A student taking this class should have some knowledgeable of beginning programming and comfortable using new software. You should be able to learn quickly and enjoy figuring things out on the computer.

Students will earn a Web Developer Certificate at the successful completion of the 4 classes. These classes will also prepare the student for an internship that will take place at the end of the 4 classes.

All 4 classes will be held at the Business Resource Center, BRC, which is located on 19th Street in downtown Merced.

We will meet every Monday and Wednesday night from 5:00pm-8:30pm, in room 215, at the BRC located in downtown Merced at 630 W 19th Street.

And then the following Saturdays from 9:00am-3:00pm: 9/17, 10/15, 11/19, 12/10


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Here is a quote from a student that has taken the webdev classes:

“Just wanted to update you on where I’m at. I’ve been working this summer doing web design for a realtor. It started just sort of as a freelance project back in June, which I was charging $800.00 for the design. She ended up paying me $1,200; she liked it that much. And now I’m working for her full time, updating the site for her regularly and helping her with other stuff.  Here’s the site: jmssalesinc.com

On the surface it’s really a pretty simple design, basically the same material design I’ve been doing. But I put Angular JS to use, to do all the heavy lifting and cut back on a lot of redundancy in the code. Check out the sources! :)

I showed the site to the realtor that’s selling our house in Merced too and I’m working out a deal with him next for a similar design. I also just landed another $800 project for an acupuncturist here in my hometown, Oceanside.

So happy I took the Web Dev classes with you”

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