Who can apply? 
You have to be a second-year Computer Science major at Merced College who is tranferring to Stanislaus State University as a Junior or a Sophmore.  You also have to be a US citizen and have filled out the FAFSA.  Lastly, but not leastly, you have to show strong academic progress.
Where do I turn in my application and required documents? 
You can e-mail Professor Kanemoto at kanemoto.k@mccd.edu the application and other required documents OR you can deliver hard copies to me, my office is in the Business Division Office in the Vocational building OR you can email Professor Kanemoto and ask me to set up a Google Drive folder for you and she will send you the link and then you can upload your application and documents to this secure folder.
Can Professor Kanemoto be a reference?
The program leads are not allowed to serve as references, so Professor Kanemoto cannot be a reference for this scholarship. 
For my references, what do they need to do?
We will send your references a form to fill out and they will just answer the questions and send them back to me.
If I decide to go to another school, do I have to pay the scholarship money that I have received back?
No you will not have to pay any of the money back, but you will not receive any more money for the scholarship should you choose not to attend Stanislaus any more.
 If I do receive the scholarship, how will I get paid?
We might do a payment once a semester or couple of times during a single semester, it is still being decided. 
Do the transcripts need to be “official” transcripts? or can they just be unofficial ones?
At this stage, unofficial transcripts are fine. Once we have a shortlist, we can will ask you for your official transcripts or we will get those on our own if possible.