The Computer Science students at Merced College are proof that we have much talent here in Merced.  The following are examples of some of the projects that students are creating here:

We recently received a grant to teach students Web Development.  Here is a link to more info on these awesome web development classes:

Check out some of our students projects that they have created:

Chris DeSoto, Computer Science Major, Merced College:

Leeland Miller, Computer Science Major, Merced College:

Here are some great examples of student’s work completed in the Computer Science classes at Merced College:

Project Report by Brian Rojas & Khushpreet Buttar, Autonomous Robotic Vehicle, see video below

CPSCFinalProject by Donald Quach & Leeland Miller, Arduino Pong, see video below

CPSC-42finalprojectreport by Ashley Arredondo & Dulce Meza, A Smart Parking Lot, see video below

ArduinoRecorder, by Kenneth Mitten & Jessica Rodriguez, A Piano Recorder, see video below