Here at Merced College in the Computer Science Department we now offer 2 degrees; a Computer Science Degree and an Management Information Systems degree.  We currently offer the Computer Science AS-T degree; which guarantees our students acceptance into any State college with a Junior level status and 60 units.


Here is the page from the current catalog that explains both of our degrees, CPSC AS-T degree and the MIS AS degree:

page 1 from the merced college catalog

page 2 from the merced college catalog

page 3 from the merced college catalog


To read more about the AS-T degree you can go here:

Here are some slides that explain the AS-T Degree, what it is, and what it is at Merced College; it is a pdf:


We our currently in the process of making a new degree called the ICT degree:

Communication and Information Technology Degree, ICT AS-T degree.