Meeting Notes 2/12/18

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Fill out paperwork for our club to turn in for the ASMC requirements New officers: Jeff Kamierski as President, Riley Galloway as Vice President, Erick Mercado as Treasurer, Alexander Nava-Castaneda and Julie Asato- Riley presented a game idea for a card game – Julie suggested adding to the About Us page highlights of our students […]

Meeting Notes 1/29/2018

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Going to the GDC, March 23rd: *Going to ask for Equity Funds to help pay for the $79 passes + $20 bart Hold the science fair April 13th or the 20th – vote next week *decide on food to sell Think about entering this contest: Teams of 3-5 students, Ideas: Rex Baird – crop disease […]

Meeting 10/5

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Rex working on a project to allow students to create Unity programs Vote for parts – for disease diagnosis project Firebase — > do some tutorials:

Meeting 9/28

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Rex started the meeting with his ideas for projects for the club: fundraising at the football games using AutoCAD to design molds for the gummies Selling the gummies at the football games working in the greenhouse here at Merced College to test Rex’s project to have a “Smart Fertilization System” that uses AI and a […]

Meeting 9/7

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Here is the link to the voting form, to vote for Club Officers: Sign up for the Valley DevFest, they only have so many tickets for the $25 price, we will be going as a group, but you will need to buy your own ticket: Here is the link the UC Merced Hackathon: […]

Meeting 8/31/17

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We will be voting for Officer Positions today.  I asked that those running for office submit a brief paragraph saying what position they would like and why they should get the position.  Here is that list: Rex Fender: I was considering submitting the following plead for a position suited for assisting event planning and organizing.   […]

Meeting 8/24/17

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Officer positions are open – if you want to run for any position just let me know and we will post your interest and blurb about yourself to this site. President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer Field Trips – Intel Museum, Recommend changes or get a login to the site Fundraisers Guest Speakers